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                                                               We have Thai kittens !!!



We want our cats to go to responsible families, therefore, please think carefully before making a decision of adding a cat to your family and remember that this is a decision for years.

We will provide you with support – give you advice and assistance.

We pay a great attention to socializing our kittens – in our house they are treated as family members – they are loved, hugged, carried and participate in our life.

You can always visit us and see the conditions in which our cats and kittens live.


When leaving our cattery , all our kittens:

  • are at least 14 weeks old,
  • have been dewarmed twice and vaccinated against cats’ viral diseases,
  • are microchipped,
  • know how to use litter tray and scratcher,
  • are sterilized,
  • receive the essentials for the first days at a new home


New caregivers receive:

  •  a 5-generation certified pedigree – honoured all over the world
  • health certificate,
  • sales contract,
  • kittens leaving Poland are additionally vaccinated against rabies and receive passports.

                      We do not sell kittens without certified pedigree !!!